Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Texture determining eating quality of foods

Man accepts food on the basis of certain characteristics that he defines and perceives with his senses. These attributes are described in terms of sensations and are sometimes

referred to as qualitative or sensory qualities including; color, flavor, texture, and the nutritional value of food products

Texture is important in determining the eating quality of foods and can have a strong influence on food intake and nutrition.

“Texture” is governed by a combination of mechanical and fracture properties and their modification and expression within the mouth during chewing. It is the properties of a food that are that group of physical characteristics arising from the structural elements of the food, primarily sensed by the feeling of touch, related to the deformation, disintegration, and flow of the food under a force, and measured objectively by functions of mass, time, and distance.

Perceived texture is closely related to the structure and composition of the food, and both microscopic and macroscopic levels of structure can influence texture.

Most foods are formed from biological materials where many components are joined into complex structures. For example, bread, cakes and extruded snacks are foam structures. Man, usually manipulates these in some way to make the food easier to consume or more attractive to eat, adding another layer of structure.

The texture of food is derived from their turgor pressure, and the composition of individual plant cell walls and the middle lamella “glue” that holds individual cells together. The texture of fruits and vegetables can be assessed with instruments that measure compression, resistance to penetration, or force required to shear.
Texture determining eating quality of foods

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