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The meaning of quality

The meaning of quality
Quality it has been said should make a product what it is, conforming to requirements or specification.

In this context, quality may be defined in different manners depending on the interest of the manufacturers, or how they want to impress it upon their customers.

One difficulty in using two approach is that the definition of quality is neither precise nor consensual.

Quality like terms such as effectiveness, satisfaction and leadership are descriptors rather than concepts and no objective reference exists.

Its definition in minds of the defines so no single definition is correct for every circumstances.

In each case, quality has always been use as a qualifier in describing some product or service high quality product, high quality education, high quality art, high quality health care, etc.

Thus, in industrial manufacturing practices quality can have several definitions, as follows:

Product based
Based on features or attributes of the product that enhance quality, e.g. organically manufactured food products as opposed to regular products.

User based
The user determines the quality of the product. Researchers define this user based as “fitness for use” e.g. ready-to-eat microwavable dinners as opposed to other forms of manufactured dinners.

Manufactured basedConformance to specifications. Manufacturing engineering specifies the product characteristics and the more closely manufacturing can conform to those requirements, the better to quality of the product.

Value basedThe element of price is introduced into the definition of quality. Quality is the degree to excellence at an acceptable price and the control of variability at an acceptable cost. Value comprises price and quality of product and service.
The meaning of quality

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