Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Class II defect: major

Defects are classified into three main categories – minor, major and critical. Major defects in canned foods : Defects that result in cans which do not show visible signs of having lost their hermetic seal, but are of such magnitude that they may have lost their hermetic seal.

This is a major defect rating which may result in the loss of the hermetic seal and become a public health problem. Some container defects can increase the potential for microbiological contamination of canned foods resulting in spoilage and in some instances in foodborne illness. While some of these defects are hidden, many are visible on the container surfaces permitting their detection without destructive analysis.

Control of such defects, that is preventing their occurrence, is exercised in a number of critical control points in the GMP's to assure that the risk of post-process microbial contamination which may result in spoilage and food poisoning is minimized.

Major defects are considered those which could adversely affect performance of the product. Such a defect would likely cause a customer to return the product.
Class II defect: major
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