Monday, July 25, 2016

Contract manufacturing and product quality

The main issue related to contract production is the control over the quality and safety of the product.

Contract manufacturing must be adhering to the same requirements the contracting company requires of its plant, including implementation of HACCP. They must operate under the same rules and the same criteria.

After all, they are an extension of the companies manufacturing operations and should be treated no differently.

The required quality can be achieved through the definition of the product characteristics based on the recipe and processing conditions or though use of a contract manufacturer chosen because of the quality attributes of the products they produce.

The manufacturer who undertakes to carry out the manufacturing for the contract giver must be in possession of adequate premises and equipment, knowledge and experience. She or he should also have at his/her disposal comment personnel.

The contract manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that all products or materials delivered to him/her are suitable for their intended purpose.
Contract manufacturing and product quality

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