Saturday, February 11, 2017

What is the meaning of canned food soft swell?

The spoilage of canned foods, including canned vegetables can be usually identified by swollen containers. According to FDA, swell can occur in metal containers, plastic pouches, plastic trays or tubs.
Clostridium thermosaccarolyticum and Bacillus polymyxa cause ‘swells’ in the can. Cans exhibit various degrees of swelling, known as hard swells, soft swells, springers and flippers; gas production and resistant swelling may be caused by chemical reaction or by bacteria.

Defects in the protective lacquer on the inside of the can may allow the contents to attack the metal releasing hydrogen.

A soft swell refers to a can bulged at both ends, but no so tightly that the ends cannot be pushed in somewhat with thumb pressure. In soft swell, with one push, the can forms a dent.
What is the meaning of canned food soft swell?
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