Friday, September 26, 2014

High quality of vegetables

The primary goal of the vegetable grower is to produce a product of such quality that it is attractive to the potential consumer in both appearance and taste.

High quality vegetables are free from damage or symptoms caused by disease and insects.

Plant diseases normally cause problem during period of cultivation, but there may problems also found during the time of marketing.

The profitable of qualities requires adequate growth, development, and yield of vegetable crops. In order to produce quality vegetables, plants must be supplied with the proper mineral nutrients.

However, the perception of quality changes as the product moves along the distribution chain.  Therefore, the maintenance of quality after harvest is an important issue to growers.

For leafy vegetables, the customer wants to buy a product with fresh, clean and green appearance, free from obvious defects and decay, not split or bolted and without pesticide residues.

The color probably contributes more to the assessment of quality than any other single factor.

Consumers have developed distinct correlations between color and the overall quality of specific products.
High quality of vegetables

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