Monday, October 2, 2017

Can defect: springers and flippers

Cans are an excellent and durable container. However, they are potentially dangerous if they have been processed incorrectly or the can fails in storage.

Care also not to overfill the cans, since this may result in the development of springers or flippers. Dangers arise from canned goods as a result of changes in the contents, defects in the canning, impurities from the can or the use of representative and coloring agents.

By pressing the ends of a can with fingers, it will detect flippers and springers and soft and hard swells. Springer - a can with one end permanently bulged. When sufficient pressure is applied to this end, it will flip in, but the other end will flip out.

Flipper is a can that normally appears flat; A slight distension of one end of the container where outside pressure will return the end to a normal position but will cause the other end to flip out. Flippers result from a lack of vacuum.

This condition is actually the beginning of a hydrogen swelling or due to an insufficient exhaustion or over-filling beyond the capacity of the can. Flippers or springers are most frequently caused by inadequacies of vacuum and headspace, and only rarely by microbial spoilage.
Can defect: springers and flippers
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