Saturday, July 4, 2015

Food product recall strategy

Recall may be undertaken voluntarily and at any time by manufacturer and distributors or at the request of the FDA.

Recall is generally more appropriate and affords better protection for consumers than seizure, when many lots of product have been widely distributed.

A recall strategy will address the following elements regarding the conduct of the recall:
*Depth of recall
The depth of recall is the distribution chain levels at which the recall will be aimed. If a product is not hazardous, a recall aimed only at wholesale purchases may suffice.

*Public warning
If the public health is seriously jeopardized, the recall may be designed to reach the individual consumer, often through a press release.

*Effectiveness checks
The purpose of effectiveness checks is to verify that all consignees at the recall depth specified by the strategy have received notification about the recall and have taken appropriate action.
Food product recall strategy

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