Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Spoilage of foods

Food spoilage is a complex process that changes in food making it unsafe, less acceptable or unacceptable to the consumer for its original purpose.

The spoilage can be detected organoleptically. That is, people can either see the spoilage, smell the spoilage, taste the spoilage, feel the spoilage, or combination of the four sensations.

Food may be spoiled by being contaminated with disease-causing organism that may not be organoleptically detected by consumer, by contamination with glass, pieces of metal or paint, light oxidation of colors, by undergoing chemical change (e.g. rancidity) or by the growth of microorganisms that may become manifest in a variety of ways.

It is widely recognized that food spoilage often occurs due to growth of microorganism and activities of enzymes they secrete.

Food spoilage is usually and indicator that a food has been improperly handled or stored too long.
Spoilage of foods

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